theCommercialFD provides practical, financial and commercial support to growing businesses, complementing the services of their accountant and professional advisers.

Results Driven Strategies

Our team is driven by one thing: results. Having a strategy and a shiny business plan is great, but only if these lead to revenue, cashflow and profitability for your business. We focus on your pain points, priority products/services and those which convert into revenue, cash and profit; putting these at the forefront of your strategy.

Services provided include:

– Improving business performance, profits, growth and board-level advisory services

– Support for funding and investment

– Management reporting

– Cash flow/working capital management

– Exit planning to achieve the best return on investment, while offering strategic support to your management team

– Strategic Development, providing business with a competitive edge

– Turnaround and Recovery, restoring businesses to full health

– Interim assignments (staff cover, year-end reporting, budgeting and forecasting)

What are the benefits of having a Finance Director Service?

Management accounts are not compulsory, but businesses of all sizes should really consider them as a “must”. Are you guilty of falling into the trap of sending your paperwork into your accountant as a reaction to a filing deadline coming?

Meaning that you could be finding out 6 months after your year-end that you either achieved good profits last year and now have a huge tax bill to find the cash for in the coming months, or actually lost money last year and are now trying to react to this in a period where your losses could be getting bigger?

By having on-going management information, you can see patterns in your profits and spending. You can then use this information to be reactive to your business industry and ensure that your business decisions are in line with your aims and profit expectations. If you know how much profit your business is making, you can also determine future tax bills much earlier and plan your cash flow for these events. By letting us handle this process for you, you will have the information in terms of the accounts, including a profit and loss, balance sheet and report of your performance and position but also have an accountant to interpret what the accounts mean.

Sectors currently supported include:

– Management Consulting

– Recruitment

– Property

– Creative

– Marketing

– Telecoms/Networking

– Retail/Hospitality

– Publishing